Because Scott Westerfeld is awesome

I went through a stage around my freshman year of high school where Scott Westerfeld was all I wanted to read.
Okay not all I wanted to read, because I always have wanted to read A LOT, but he was a big thing for me.
He had popular books like his series that starts with Uglies, and then there were less publicized ones like Peeps, The Last Days, So Yesterday, the Midnighters… all AWESOME books. And he wrote a series for kids too, that starts with Goliath.
The Midnighters series was pretty complicated for my fourteen year old brain to handle, so I think I should probably give it another try, but it was just so good. It was inspiring. I wanted to be like this amazing person who could go from futuristic sci-fi (Uglies), to a new twist on vampires (Peeps), to mystery (So Yesterday), to a weird fantasy fiction oddity (which is the only way I can think to describe the Midnighters series). So versatile!
He inspired my to read, but even more he inspired me to write.
So, a sincere thank you to Mr. Westerfeld if he ever were to read this, and to those of you who haven’t read any of his stuff, ages ten to nineteen, (I can’t speak for liking his books at older than nineteen, but I suspect it would go in your favor if you gave it a try) do it.


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