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So this is an awesome list of 25 books you should read if you loved the Hunger Games. I’ve read 11 of them, and though I wasn’t a huge fan of The Giver at the time, I have friends who loved it, so I’m not writing it off. Birthmarked and Graceling are two of my favorite books, which I’m sure you will hear more about them later if you keep coming back. This is a hug part of my summer reading list, and if you take my advice, you’ll use this list to guide yours too.

The lovely busy brunettes didn’t get a chance to cover a few of these books, and the ones they missed just so happen to feature most of the ones I’ve read so here are my two cents:

  • Divergent (1st in series) by Veronica Roth- Futuristic, exciting, adventurous… this is an awesome series. Divergent follows Tris, a teenager who lives in a society where everyone belongs to one of five factions, Amnity, Dauntless, Candor, Erudite, and Abnegation. Tris is from Abnegation, which values selflessness above all else, and now, at sixteen, she has to choose to either stay with her family or join another faction for the rest of her life. Did I mention this is awesome? Put it on your list. now.
  • The Secret Hour (1st in trilogy) by Scott Westerfield- pretty awesome (the first in the Midnighters trilogy I mentioned a few days ago in Because Scott Westerfeld is awesome). It’s been a while since I read it, but I remember being drawn in.
  • Matched (1st in trilogy) by Ally Condie- also awesome, and the third in the series is on my  The books of my summer reading list. Romanic, futuristic, there’s a revolt…awesome.
  • The Maze Runner (1st in trilogy + a prequel) by James Dashner- I read it, and it was pretty good. It started a little slow, but I really enjoyed it. A boy gets dropped into a maze full of other boys. None of them rememeber where they are from or how they got there, all they know is they’d like to get out, and it seems to be some sort of game….
  • Birthmarked (1st in trilogy) by Caragh M. O’Brien- My favorite book right now (and considering usually when I read a new book it becomes my favorite and it’s been months since I read this one that is high praise.) The story follows Gaia Stone, a young midwife following in her mother’s footsteps delivering babies and ‘advancing’ her monthly quota of babies into the Enclave, the rich opulent society inside the wall that surrounds the city. Gaia lives outside the wall where there is poverty and mothers have to give up their children. When her parents are detained by the Enclave for possible treason, Gaia has to decide whether to accept the Enclave’s verdicts as she always has or to fight back. Romantic, revolt, adventure, futuristic. Read it.
  • Graceling (has 2 companion books) by Kristin Cashore- SO CLOSE on Birthmarked’s heels for my favorite book. Katsa is Graced. In Cashore’s marvelous novel those with Graces have two different colored eyes, and a gift. The gift can range from swimming, to mind reading, to Katsa’s gift, killing. The story is incredible, and I’ll be amazed if you can force yourself to put it down.  The compantion books Fire and Bitterblue are also awesome. Read them. Just do it.



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May 15, 2013 · 8:03 pm

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