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Charlotte, from It’s me Charlotte (see: has nominated me for a Liebster Award. For those of you not in the know (like me before I Googled) the Liebster Award is a bit like chain mail but nicer! It’s an award for new bloggers with less than 200 followers. Someone nominates 11 new bloggers, and those bloggers have to list 11 facts about themselves, answer their nominator’s 11 questions, and nominate 11 other new blogs. I think it’s pretty fabulous. And I am super excited to be nominated. So without further adieu….

11 facts about me:

  1. I am a student at the University of Georgia.
  2. I often consider starting a blog about waiting until marriage or weight loss, but then I think it will just turn into a giant diary. So then I consider starting a blog meant to be like a giant diary.
  3. I recently became obsessed with Grey’s anatomy, and I’m watching from the beginning on Netflix (one reason my summer reading is going more slowly than it should be).
  4. I have written a novel that I simply have to put an end on. Then it will be done.Then I can completely rewrite it because I started it when I was fourteen, and it probably sucks.
  5. I have a boyfriend that kept me sane through high school (and some seriously difficult stuff), and he is my best friend.
  6. I am not afraid to admit that, being a whiny teenage girl at the time, I loved Twilight the book, and I firmly believe that if I picked it up today I would still love it. No shame.
  7. I love being organized, but my room is a completely wreck right now. Like, I have a nice little path to the bed, and a cluttered path to the closet.
  8. My ideal job when I grow up would be a combination of writing novels, writing for a magazine, and owning a coffee shop.
  9. so obviously… I love coffee.
  10. I have been trying on and off for years to get to a weight that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear a bikini at, and this will be the summer I make it.
  11. College was a huge change for me, encompassing moving away from home, starting college classes, and making new friends, and I wonder if anyone ever really feels grown up, or if we all just bumble along as best we can.

Hope you all enjoyed that. 😀 haha. So now for the 11 questions Charlotte posed:

1) Love at first sight, or grow to love?
Grow to love. I think the best romances start with friendships, becasue then you can learnt o understand someone before you become romantically involved.
2) Peeta or Gale
Gale for me, Peete for Katniss. ;D
3) Casual or Smart
Casual. I do casual dress really well, and I do really dressed up really well (prom style), but I hate business casual or sort of dressy. It’s difficult and annoying.
4) Beach or Forest
Forest. Sand is sticky and icky, but the forest is cool and green and teeming with life,
5)Adventure or Relaxation
Adventure. As much as I love to relax, if I spend too many lazy days in a row I begin it get restless and moody. i woudl much rather have an adventure-filled life.
6) Fact or Fiction
Fiction. Always always fiction,
7) Long hair or Short
Long hair is romantic. Short is cute. It depends on my mood.
8) Sweet or Savoury
Sweeeet! I have quite the sweet tooth.
9) One item on a desert island
Dog food. It’s gross, but it has all the nutriets your body needs.
10) Saturday or Sunday
Saturday. Saturday is the best of all days.
11) Being Fabulous or Keeping it Simple
Keeping it simple is fabulous.
So now it’s my turn to pose 11 questions to 11 other blogs, but frankly I don’t know 11 blogs that have 200 or less followers…I’m still really new at this.So how about my top five?
  1. Krista from Book wishes
  2. Jessica from
  3. Bobby from
  4. Sophie from
  5. Sarah from

as for my 11 questions:

  1. Hunger Games or Harry Potter?
  2. Boyfriend (or girlfriend) or best friend?
  3. The book or the movie?
  4. Butter on your popcorn or salt?
  5. How do you turn down someone who likes you?
  6. Are there stuffed animals or pillows all over your bed?
  7. Organized or neat?
  8. Straight or curly?
  9. Creative or technical?
  10. Predicable or surprising?
  11. Blogging or journaling?

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