back from my mindless college lit rampage

Okay so it wasn’t quite a rampage, but I did get extremely absorbed in two amazing books. The first was Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire, the second was Easy by Tammara Webber.


Both of them are books set in college, which is a rare find for me, possibly because they may be technically adult lit, and I usually go for young adult. But they both came from one of my best book sources. Walking Disaster is the sequel to Beautiful Disaster, and tells the same story as the first book except, where the first book is in Abby’s perspective, the second is in Travis’s.

And. it. is. wonderful.

I will now admit it… I have been reduced to a whiny, wimpy, romantic mess of a teenage girl, puddled in the wake of the intensity that is these two books.

Now I should also say that, while I am totally still puddley and gushy over these books, they are silly, romantic, and teenagey. Disclaimer over.

Easy has Lucas… oh Lucas. He is simply dreamy. That perfect mix of damaged, tattooed, vulnerable, and sweet that I know I would NEVER go after in real life but that I simply drool over in a book. Read it. Read him. Drool.

It will make me feel better if you do. 🙂



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