Cinder is weird and twisted and fabulous

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Last night I was up past 3am, which for me, is just plain weird. The only things that could possibly keep me up past 3am are, say, a fight with my boyfriend, a caffeine binge that hasn’t left my system yet, perhaps a sleepover, or (most often) an amazing, fabulous, can’t-keep-my-hands-off-it book!

And last night it was…you guessed it, a book!

Cinder by Marissa Meyer sort of rocked my world, and my sleep schedule.

So I’m sitting on my bed, everyone else in the house has JUST gone to bed, it’s certainly sometime around midnight, when my boyfriend texts me to make sure I’m sill alive because I’ve been off the grid for three hours….and suddenly its 3am. Just like that.

And I wasn’t even mad.

Cinder tricked me. The name, and the prince, and the shoe on the cover make you think this will be just a cutesy Cinderella-story spin off. I love fairy tale spin offs and remakes because they are cute, easy to read, fun. Cinder blew my mind.

Now I must give a spoiler alert, because I feel a excited rambling coming on and I fear I will not be able to keep the secrets of the book, but I promise not to spoil anything too huge.

Cinder is Cinderella only in a futuristic world where she likes one of her stepsisters, she has an android buddy named Iko, and she happens to be a cyborg mechanic. Not a mechanic for cyborgs, but a cyborg that is a mechanic.

Set in futuristic China (now called the Commonwealth) after World War IV , Cinder follows Cinder, a cyborg living in the home of Adri, a fairly poor woman who blames Cinder for the death of her husband and only uses Cinder to work to pay the bills.

The crowned Prince of the Commonwealth, Prince Kai, shows up at Cinder’s work booth asking her to fix his android, and Cinder hides that she is a cyborg, knowing that, to most people, her mechanical parts made her a second class citizen.

When Cinder’s stepsister Peony contracts the deadly plague, Adri donates Cinder to the palace’s plague research program, condemning her to death.

And that’s when things really start to heat up. In a whirlwind of mystery and excitement Cinder discovers her true nature and that she is truly valuable, all the while meeting Prince Kai every few chapters for an awkward, adorable, flirtatious interlude.

The entire thing was lovely, and I simply cannot wait to read the next book, Scarlet.

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