Scarlet… and UGH I have to WAIT for the third one?!?

Ladies and gentlemen, I may have found a new favorite series to add to my list of AWESOME books that keep me up all night reading. And that my friends, is the Lunar Chronicles.Scarlet_final_USA-Today-e1341988389106I finished Scarlet, the second book in the Lunar Chronicles, yesterday, immediately after reading Cinder (the first book), and now I can’t. stop. thinking. about. it.

The characters pull you in, the stories are exciting, and Meyer did an excellent job of bringing in new characters without losing sight of the ones I already cared about.

My only complaint was that, for Cinder and Iko anyway, the story is a lot of running and waiting. It didn’t really feel like a whole story, but Meyer makes up for this by introducing us to Scarlet and Wolf (Little Red anyone?), and filling their story with excitement, betrayal, and a hint of romance.

I simply love the way Meyer has taken two fabulous fairy tales, and twisted them, molded them, to create beautiful unique stories. LOVE LOVE LOVE

And now, as the rain beats down on the roof of my house (so incredibly lovely and soothing) I’m going to turn my attention to Free Four by Veronica Roth, which is a short story in the world of Divergent.

side note: I only today found out that Allegiant, the third book in the Divergent series is out!! How did I miss this and when can I afford to buy it!!!!

Happy reading everybody. That is all 😀


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