Dark Life and other life musings


Cover of "Before I Fall"

Cover of Before I Fall

Hey there beautiful people.

You may have noticed I’ve been away for a bit. Sorry for going AWOL, but I’ve been !doing things! πŸ˜€ I’ll post some tutorials and pics for the cool crafts I’ve been doing soon! I’ll also update my reading list.



In addition to crafts, my mom and I took a lovely trip to Helen, GA to go tubing and shopping, and we listened to the audio book of Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver on the car ride. We haven’t finished it yet, but so far it’s pretty great.

Also, I read Dark Life by Kat Falls (and finally returned my library books…$7 fines…bad book lover). Dark Life was pretty great, and I wonder if there will be a sequel, because I feel like there could be more story there.

It’s about Ty, a kid who was born and raised underwater. In this futuristic novel space has become mankind’s most scarce and valued resource, and some of us have gone under the waves to find it. Living in a home inspired by jelly fish and farming kelp and plankton, Ty has spent most of his life underwater, rarely going topside, and avoiding topsiders, who gawk at his shine (a metallic glint to his skin that come from eating certain types of fish). REcently though, the scary Seablite Gang, a group of escaped prisoners, have been raiding the oceans, attacking government vessels and stealing supplies from them.

When Ty finds an abandoned sub in a deserted area of the sea floor he goes to explore, and finds the inside of the sub drenched in blood. There, he meets Gemma, a topsider looking for her brother, who she thinks is a prospector living on the seafloor like Ty. She has to find her brother, who can sign her emancipation papers, freeing her from her status as a ward of the state. Gemma and Ty narrowly avoid a run in with the Seablite gang, and as Gemma becomes more and more anxious to find her brother and the Seablite Gang becomes less and less scarce, Ty realizes he may have to make some tough choices, including revealing his deepest, dark secret.

Dark Life was pretty great. It drew me in pretty well, and though I wasn’t up all night reading it or anything, it was definitely worth a gander. Check it out if you’re looking for an interesting book that puts you in a different world without really leaving our own.


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