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Tuesday Afternoon

You are sitting at what has become your favorite coffee shop. It’s no longer scary (really), no longer too intimidating. You finally found the headphones that you misplaced last week, so you are working on an article and your homework while rocking out to OK Go.

And as the coffee works its way into your system, stimulating the sluggish parts of your mind while soothing your ruffled feathers from this morning (you had quite a morning), you take a deep breath and settle in to work.

Forget this morning. Forget the mess in the kitchen. Forget the lost umbrella (that looked like Starry Night- quite a loss). Forget the stressed out boyfriend. Forget the two articles, one paper, three workshop commentaries, and ‘creative’ piece that just isn’t coming easily. Forget the bible thumper that accosted you in the student center. Forget the bird that pooped on your head (deep breath, we are forgetting remember?). Forget the quiz you probably bombed.

Because right now, in this b.e.a.utiful moment, you have a frozen latte in your hand,  the grain of the table top swirls gracefully under your fingertips, and that too is soothing, the couch beneath you is soft, well loved, perfectly lumpy, but not gross, and, oh listen, Adam Levine is serenading you as we speak.

Sigh. Take it in. Breathe.

It’ll be gone in an hour or two, so enjoy it. And remember, next time a bird poops on your head, that coffee fixes everything.



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Nelly [a memory]

I’m up on the counter,
one leg tucked beneath me, the other swinging,
not touching the floor by a mile.
My brother stands in front of the mirror, doing something,
it really doesn’t matter what, now
spiking his hair, perhaps (it was probably around his spiky hair phase)
or brushing his teeth, 
not shaving yet (he would have been much too young).
It feels now like I sat there for hours (it was probably only a few minutes),
the music pulsing around me
me, pretending to resent that he picked the music,
the way little sisters do, a little bratty, but maybe not as bratty as usual
because I’m having fun
my brother and me
belting out Nelly songs at the top of our lungs

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