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Fangirl made me fangirl

I just read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, and it was WONDERFUL. I went to an awesome author event at Avid bookshop (if you haven’t been, GO) and heard Rowell and David Levithan both speak about their books and read excerpts. I cannot wait to read Attachments, also by Rowell, and Two Boys Kissing, by Levithan.

Fangirl is a great story for those of you looking for college lit. There isn’t a ton to be easily found, I suspect because we fall oddly between YA lit and adult literature (however if you’re looking for some, here are two other recommendations).

The main character in Fangirl is Cather. She’s got a lot going on, what with moving into her dorm for her freshman year, her social anxiety, her absent mother, her off-beat dad, and her twin sister that really would like more independence than Cath is interested in. Meanwhile Cath has to navigate the dining halls, hide in her room, and tackle a third year level creative writing class, all while keeping her fan base satisfied with new fan fiction each week. Cath writes Simon Snow fan fiction, which is stories using the characters of the Simon Snow books ( a fictional series that is similar to Harry Potter but definitely isn’t Harry Potter).

Rowell skillfully (some might say magically) incorporates all of these dramas and issues (plus a dash of romance) into one book without making it seem overly dramatic or exhausting. Instead, I was left wrenchingly attached to the characters and inspired to write until my keyboard breaks.

So basically, read that.

Also, I’m really sorry I haven’t written in forever. Next week I have a break from school, so I promise, I will post some great stuff. Tonight my creative writing class (featured on the blog is having a reading at the Globe, in downtown Athens, and I’m incredibly excited. I’ll be reading an edited version of Apple Pie, and I’m really excited and nervous. Send good vibes my way!

Lastly, I’ve heard some negative things about the new book in the Divergent series, Allegiant, but I haven’t had a chance to get my nose into it, so look forward to my thoughts on that.

Okay that’s it for now, sorry it’s been so long, really. I’ll do better.



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