Still Fangirling about Rowell and Levithan

Thanks to a WONDERFUL author event at Avid Bookshop, and my fabulous friend H, I am completely, 100%, head over heals in love with Rainbow Rowell and completely, utterly, devastatingly fascinated by David Levithan. A couple of weeks ago I read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, and I completely feel in love. Now I’ve had some time off school because of the holidays (HAPPY HOLIDAYS!) and so I’ve been eating and sleeping and reading…that’s pretty much it.
I went to the library and stocked up (I got two Levithan books and a book on the GA peach book award nominee list) and then when Christmas came I got two books by Rowell! In the past week I’ve read Every Day by David Levithan, Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell, and I’ve started Attachments by Rowell.
I’m loving them! Thank goodness for my friends H and C. H because she’s been swooning over these authors for months and C because she dragged me to that awesome author event!

Looking for something great to curl up with by the fire? Maybe you need a book to read while you sip a double mocha chocolate crackacino? Well here ya ga. Now you know what you need to buy, borrow, or download.

The book titles link to my posts about those books! Check them out!


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