Contest ends tomorrow!! Win a photo shoot!

Hey guys! Boyfriend and I are starting a photography business, and we are having a giveaway to help us name it!


Any name is a good suggestion (we want ALL the ideas), but here’s a hint: we are seeming to like names that play off our names and things about us. To help, here is a list of fun facts about us!
1. My name is Shannon Adams, His name is Bobby Dominy
2. My nicknames are Shannonigen, Shanny-Ann, and Barbara, his is Bobinator
3. We’ve been dating for years (like… 6)
4. We go to UGA
5. I like books, he likes politics
6. I like owls, he likes Mustangs (the cars)
7. We are dog people
8. I (obviously) like to write. He reads and occasionally writes as well.
9. We really have a thing for Harry Potter
10. We are super lovey dovey- we gross ourselves out sometimes.

There ya go! Got an idea? Send it to


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