Today is the last day to WIN A FREE PHOTO SESSION!

Hey guys! This is the last post urging you to give me name ideas for my and Boyfriend’s photography business, I promise. But today is the last day, so I’m giving it one last go.
We want ALL of your ideas, so if you have one, send it our way. Here are the guidelines: IMG_4063.PNG

Need some inspiration? 5 hints!
1. Try playing with words to do with photography: aperture, shoot, photo, lens, screen, develop, focus, depth of field
2. Play with our names (Bobby Dominy and Shannon Adams). Can you combine or twist them to sound interesting or like something else?
3. How about words to do with creativity? Sketch, paint, make, show, create, story telling
4. Look at the pictures below, shot by Bobby and me, and see if they spark your creativity.
5. Try a combination of the above ideas! Or check out my post from yesterday with fun facts about us.








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