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Spoken Word

¬©Robert Dominy 2014Hey everyone! A while back I spontaneously decided to stand up at a Spoken Word Open Mic Night and read a poem I’d written. Usually I’m not quite this brave, but I think the spur of the moment burst of courage and the fact that I didn’t plan to do it got me through. The poem I read is below. Let me know what you think.

Those words belong to Hallmark love,

The kind of love that is easy, kind, patient

Those three words are for the movie love

The love that throws you into a whirlwind

A head over heals, heart in your throat, stomach in your toes kind of love

Those three words are for a child’s love

The big-eyed trust-you-with-my-heart-because-it’s-never-been-broken kind of love

They aren’t for this

This is hard and slow and fast and tumble touch cry laugh feel grow

This is growing up and learning leasons and hurting

This is throwing yourself into the sky dive because falling isn’t fast enough and tearing the parachute to sheds because if you don’t get there faster you’ll be broken anyway

This is passion and heartbreak and healing and safety

This is friendship

This is more than “I love you.”

Hope you liked it. I would love to hear what you think in the comments.


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