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Back for renovation

Hey there you,

If there are any “you”s left, because I’ve been gone quite a while, I know. But here I am, so I hope here you are too.

I’ve been feeling that little tug on my consciousness the last few weeks. The one that says blog, write, think about things that aren’t school or your boyfriend ( which, to be fair, is most of my life right now). Not that Boyfriend isn’t great,  not that school isn’t important, it’s just that I need a little more that’s just for me. That’s what this blog was supposed to be. A place to share my thoughts on books and my own writing and life. A place for me… And you, too, if you’re there.

So I’ll be making a few changes. I’m going to move those lovely articles that I posted last spring over to my Portfolio page, and I’m going to reorganize a bit, so that this is a better space for us. And I’m going to post more often.

I’ve been working on my novel again, the one I really mostly wrote during National Novel Writing Month, and I’ve finally got two awesome readers (Boyfriend and one of my best friends, S). So hopefully there will be a bit more about that about as well.

So I’ll see you around…



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