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Q&A with Katy Janousek — Let’s talk about sex

Katy Janousek, who works in the health promotional department of the University of Georgia health center, specializes in sexual health education. This primarily means guest lecturing on STIs and contraceptives in classes on campus and going to programs around the university to run workshops on sexual health. She also maintains the website information on sexual health and acts as a resource for students to talk to. When students want to change contraceptives or have questions about STIs, they can come alone or with a partner to Janousek for more information.

You said that your focus is on STIs and contraception. Can you tell me a little more about what you do with that?

What’s interesting about being in the deep south is that k-12 in public schools has really struggled with comprehensive sexuality education. So a lot of basic information is lacking for UGA students because they didn’t get it in k-12. So there’re kind of some gaps that need to be filled, and that’s different for each person based on their personal beliefs and values, their comfort level and the behaviors they choose to engage in. Continue reading


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