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I’ve been infected by Delirium… {spoilers!}

Delirium cover by Lauren Oliver

Delirium cover by Lauren Oliver

Imagine a world where love is a disease…

Ok, It’s not. Even in the book, love isn’t any different than it is now, just our perceptions have changed.

In Delirium by Lauren Oliver, Lena is told from day 1 of her life that love or amor deliria nervosa, is a vicious disease, that everyone needs to be cured, and that it killed her mother. The cure is a surgical procedure that everyone the United States undergoes when they are eighteen to deactivate the part of the brain that is responsible for passion, pain, intense emotion…basically the components of love. People are left with attachments that are responsible, appropriate, and caring. The odd patient does suffer severe detachment and smother their children, but that’s the price you pay for a perfect world.

Or at least the government says it’s perfect. They also deny the existence of Invalids, people who live outside of society in the Wilds.

Months before her eighteenth birthday Lena meets Alex, a cured security guard who Lena sees suspiciously at the scene of an Invalid demonstration (or the official government story: a mix up in which cows were delivered to a bunch of labs in the place of medicine).

Lena begins to get to know Alex, and as her best friend Hana discovers the underground world where unapproved music is available and uncured boys and girls mingle they are both dragged down a dangerous road.

Okay enough summary. This. Was. Awesome. So awesome in fact that I finished it yesterday and have only just now gotten over the emotional trauma that was the ending enough to write this up. It was great. Read it.

Lena is a great character. I don’t relate to her all that much, because frankly, I know that in a futuristic and oppressive society I would be a sheep. I hate to admit it, I’d like to think otherwise, but I WOULD NOT have gone to the parties that Lena went to with Hana, I wouldn’t have met up with Alex, and when I found out that Alex was (shockingly) an Invalid I would have tucked my tail and ran. (I’d like to think however that when push came to shove I wouldn’t have gone through with cure…I love love.) Anyway so I didn’t relate to her, but Oliver wrote her so well I was into it anyway.

Now I want the next one please. If one of you could just have that delivered for me I would really appreciate it. In fact if you could just amazon my entire reading list and their sequels to me I would be eternally grateful. 😀


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