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An apology, a new book series, and a freak out/ announcement

So, I’m sorry. I’ve been gone a long time. I’m going to do better, really. 

Secondly, thanks to one of my fabulous roommates and my mom (who lent me the book), I’ve officially started reading Game of Thrones. Okay, I know that isn’t new, but it’s new to me. So I’m counting it. So far I’ve just gotten through the first book, and I’m really really enjoying it.

Lastly, my freak out occurred a couple of days ago when I got on the scale and had gained more than fifteen pounds since Thanksgiving. Since I’m wanting desperately to get in shape, that was pretty upsetting. So I’ve decided (here comes the announcement!) to add the story of my weight loss to the list of stories I share on here. I know some of you won’t care, so I’ll make it obvious in the post title when a post will be about weight loss, but I think it will help me stay accountable. And for those of you who are in the same boat (the boat of wanting healthy, happy bodies that look great in bikinis) I hope you will help me out and use my story to help you out. 

As part of this I will try to stay very honest on here about my weight, successes, and failures. In the interest of that, I should say that it was not 15, but 20 pounds that I have gained. This is gonna be tough. haha

So right not I am 20 lbs from my goal weight. I think once I reach my goal I will probably want to keep working on my muscle tone and strength/ flexibility, but right now I’m mostly focusing on fat content.

I am using the iPhone app Loseit! to help me track my food intake and keep on track. I have had some success in the past with this (I’ve gotten within 15lbs of goal weight using it before). This time I’m sticking to it! Because I want to look like this! http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/53/53/1f/53531f283ba88466a63d7084d9b967fc.jpg


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Tuesday Afternoon

You are sitting at what has become your favorite coffee shop. It’s no longer scary (really), no longer too intimidating. You finally found the headphones that you misplaced last week, so you are working on an article and your homework while rocking out to OK Go.

And as the coffee works its way into your system, stimulating the sluggish parts of your mind while soothing your ruffled feathers from this morning (you had quite a morning), you take a deep breath and settle in to work.

Forget this morning. Forget the mess in the kitchen. Forget the lost umbrella (that looked like Starry Night- quite a loss). Forget the stressed out boyfriend. Forget the two articles, one paper, three workshop commentaries, and ‘creative’ piece that just isn’t coming easily. Forget the bible thumper that accosted you in the student center. Forget the bird that pooped on your head (deep breath, we are forgetting remember?). Forget the quiz you probably bombed.

Because right now, in this b.e.a.utiful moment, you have a frozen latte in your hand,  the grain of the table top swirls gracefully under your fingertips, and that too is soothing, the couch beneath you is soft, well loved, perfectly lumpy, but not gross, and, oh listen, Adam Levine is serenading you as we speak.

Sigh. Take it in. Breathe.

It’ll be gone in an hour or two, so enjoy it. And remember, next time a bird poops on your head, that coffee fixes everything.


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Because Scott Westerfeld is awesome

I went through a stage around my freshman year of high school where Scott Westerfeld was all I wanted to read.
Okay not all I wanted to read, because I always have wanted to read A LOT, but he was a big thing for me.
He had popular books like his series that starts with Uglies, and then there were less publicized ones like Peeps, The Last Days, So Yesterday, the Midnighters… all AWESOME books. And he wrote a series for kids too, that starts with Goliath.
The Midnighters series was pretty complicated for my fourteen year old brain to handle, so I think I should probably give it another try, but it was just so good. It was inspiring. I wanted to be like this amazing person who could go from futuristic sci-fi (Uglies), to a new twist on vampires (Peeps), to mystery (So Yesterday), to a weird fantasy fiction oddity (which is the only way I can think to describe the Midnighters series). So versatile!
He inspired my to read, but even more he inspired me to write.
So, a sincere thank you to Mr. Westerfeld if he ever were to read this, and to those of you who haven’t read any of his stuff, ages ten to nineteen, (I can’t speak for liking his books at older than nineteen, but I suspect it would go in your favor if you gave it a try) do it.

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